Inside the 2366, the fresh new USS Organization-C emerged off a-temporal rift

Inside the 2366, the fresh new USS Organization-C emerged off a-temporal rift

Borg Queen

Inside 2063, for the Borg attack towards Firm-E, which had turned up on 12 months 2373, Research is actually abducted of the a good Borg drone. Unable to assimilate new android os, brand new Borg Queen tried to bribe Study toward subservience by offering your live tissue in the place of his polymer. Research starred along, having ideal sexual relations toward Borg Queen, whom desired him due to the fact someone to help relieve the brand new loneliness out-of their role because one individual on Collective, Analysis basically ‘replacing’ Locutus. Research in the course of time deceived the latest Borg King, eliminating the girl which have warp engine coolant, that can eliminated the brand new skin she had grafted to your. He subsequently acknowledge in order to Picard you to part of him is still sorry throughout the this lady demise, listing you to definitely their render to take him nearer to Mankind had briefly tempted your (albeit for only 0.68 moments, a period you to definitely, based on Study, translates – to possess an android os – so you can “nearly a lifetime”). ( Celebrity Trip: Earliest Get in touch with )

Solution specifics and you may timelines

Their disappearance regarding season 2344 caused an adjusted timeline, where in fact the Federation was shedding a war contrary to the Klingons. Research was still the latest ship’s businesses administrator. ( TNG : ” Yesterday’s Enterprise “)

Lieutenant Worf found a beneficial quantum fissure and that triggered your to start moving on anywhere between quantum basic facts within the 2370. In several galaxies, Studies had been new Enterprise’s procedures manager, and you may attended a surprise party to possess Worf. In the at least one ones details, Data’s eyes had been bluish as opposed to their attribute purple.

An additional fact, Studies was still the procedures administrator and you may second manager however, try outranked of the Leader Worf, just who supported because ship’s basic administrator not as much as Chief Riker, Picard having been lost throughout the Battle out of Wolf 359 into the 2367. It brand of Research theorized which could be you are able to so you can secure the fresh new fissure whether your shuttlecraft Curie from the primary facts re-entered the latest fissure and you will produced a general range warp industry. Based on Head Picard, the info regarding prie completion. The situations adopting the Worf’s encounter were removed regarding schedule just like the fissure was close. ( TNG : ” Parallels “)

In a not known, option coming timeframe, Research are a professor (the newest Lucasian Professor of Math) on Cambridge College and lived from the Isaac Newton’s house or apartment with good housekeeper and lots of kittens. Apparently within this future, he had comprehended Lethbridge hookup websites the concept of laughs, proclaiming that their housekeeper Jessel generated him make fun of. On the other hand, his informal speech got significantly more nuance and you may inflection, and then he appeared to have get over the use of contractions. He’d including dyed part of his locks grey when he believed that it made him research distinguished. not, Jessel was of view so it made him appear to be a great “soft skunk.” ( TNG : ” All the Nutrients. “)


  • Lt. Reginald Barclay in 2366 recreated about several Datas when he try suffering from holo-dependency. That program had Studies included in the Around three Musketeers, as almost every other recreated the whole crew of the Firm-D. You to definitely sport of information are introduce when Barclay said good-bye so you can his aspirations and you can erased new applications. ( TNG : ” Hollow Pursuits “)
  • Barash reproduced the whole command crew of your own Business-D when you look at the 2367 for the Leader Onias III to store Commander Riker here. Which recreation taken place for the an excellent 2383 where Studies ended up being advertised so you can Leader and had end up being the basic administrator. ( TNG : ” Coming Imperfect “)
  • A computer dysfunction aboard the latest USS Firm-D since the holo triggered the characters taking on the appearance of Studies for the 2369. ( TNG : ” A good Fistful away from Datas “)


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