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The name “Swiss” and “Switzerland,” German “Schweiz,” French “La Suisse,” supposed to be derived from the Canton of Schwyz, though long in familiar use, did not form the official style of the Confederation until 1803. Schwyz, according to Gatschet, signifies “clearing the ground by fire;” and, again, it is derived from “Sweiter” and “Swen,” two brothers who are said to have founded it; and these family names, common in Sweden, are now heard in the valleys of Schwyz. Swiss history is largely the history of the drawing together of parts of three adjoining nations for common defence against a common foe, little by little winning their independence. Determined to force the Swiss to join the Suabian League; hence resulted the Suabian war, which was concluded after the Swiss had gained six victories, by the peace of Basel in 1499. In 1512, by the Milanese war, the Swiss obtained from Milan the territory which at present forms the Canton of Ticino. In 1515, after losing the battle of Marignano,6 an advantageous peace was concluded with France, which was followed by the first formal alliance with that kingdom in 1521; and the two countries enjoyed an almost uninterrupted amity for nearly three hundred years.

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The cavalry is called out annually instead of biennially, and as a compensation for this additional drill service, the men are discharged from the Élite two years sooner than the infantry, or at the age of thirty. All those who have been deprived of their civil rights by sentence of court are excluded from the service. No Canton or half-Canton, without the permission of the federal government, shall keep up a standing force of more than three hundred men; the mounted police is not included in this number. The Confederation exercises control over the federal army and the material of war provided by law.

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In 1874, by action of the Federal Assembly, Lausanne was chosen for its permanent location; the Canton of Vaud, in consideration of this honor, erected and presented to the Confederation a palais de justice, the most elegant and commodious public building in Switzerland. The Federal Tribunal shall, moreover, decide other cases upon the demand of both parties to the suit, and when the amount involved is of a degree of importance to be fixed by federal legislation. Between the Confederation on the one part and corporations or private persons on the other part; when such corporations or private persons are the plaintiffs, and when the amount involved is of a degree of importance to be fixed by federal legislation. The members of the Federal Tribunal and their alternates shall be chosen by the Federal Assembly, which shall take care that all three national languages are represented therein. The organization of the Federal Tribunal and of its sections, the number of its members and alternates, and their terms of office and salary shall be determined by law.

No one who cares for the subjects suggested by the title of the book — birds and blossoms, the trees and the wind — can fail to find pleasure and refreshment in it. It implies, in a word, a certain amount of biographical information, proceeding either from books or from personal knowledge. Now, in most cases, no such knowledge was available to me, and in no case did I regard it as my business to go in search of it, or to make use of such chance rumours as happened to have reached my ears. It would be possible, www.hookupreviewer.com/christiancupid-review/ no doubt, for a writer of extraordinary tact and skill to go over exactly the ground I have covered and produce a gallery of critical character-sketches, instead of the series of talent-definitions here presented. Such a work would, under present conditions, be one of extreme delicacy ; and I, for my part, felt no impulse to attempt it. There is a time for everything, and, in the case of most of the poets here dealt with, the time for psychological criticism, in the full sense of the word, has not yet come.

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Passing mention may be made of two more limited but very useful conventions concluded in Switzerland,—one for the extermination of phylloxera and the other for the regulation of the transportation of goods by railway. Bern was agreed upon as the seat of all future meetings, and this union, which continues to obtain adhesions, is in active and beneficial operation. All assumption of superiority being carefully avoided when real authority is not in question. Zurich suggests the idea of a municipal aristocracy; Bern of an ancient one.

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The Swiss have a way of keeping their current history to themselves; or the outside world has a way of not asking for it, which is much the same thing. They are unique among civilized people for the extreme modesty of their claim upon the attention of mankind. This might imply the highest qualities or the lowest; but no one who knows anything of the little republic will doubt to which of them it is to be assigned. She lives, moves, and works without fuss or friction; and is constantly solving in her own way some of the hardest problems of politics. She has found out how to maintain perfect peace between diverse races and conflicting creeds; to adjust and harmonize discordant views and principles; and preserve to the several elements of the confederacy a due proportion of constitutional authority. This difficult task has been accomplished, not indeed without frictions, not without armed collisions, and not until after many trials and experiments; but it has been done, and on the whole successfully.

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Never- theless, the chiming close is always thin and wiry in its effect, like the twang of a final chord on the banjo, contrasted with the gradual evanishing of a cadence on the violin. I know few poets who transfer to their pages so much of the actual colour and aroma of coppice and meadowland as does Mr. Charles Roberts. What bitter nights and burning days Have marked thy ways. Dear love, my pulses throb and start To-night with longings sweet and new. And young hopes beat within a heart Grown old in loving you.

In reading her verse, I have the exhilarating sensation of skating over perfectly smooth, strong, and yet elastic ice, where one has not the least fear of catching one’s skate in a crack, or sousing into an air-hole. Not that there is anything wintry or chill about her poetry. My metaphor refers simply to its surface texture, not to its temperature. It is difficult to strike just the right note of praise for the poems in Mrs. Radford’s two modest little volumes. To define them by negatives is easy enough, but scarcely satisfactory. They are not pictorial, they are not philo- sophical, they are not dramatic ; they are not multitudinous in measure, or opulent in rhyme, or inventive in stanza.

Should there be a failure of election, a second ballot under the same conditions is had the following Sunday. In this final trial the candidate or candidates, as the case may be, having a plurality are elected. The members are elected on a general ticket,—that is, “at large” for the district, not for the Canton. These districts are called arrondissements, and the method of voting is known as scrutin d’arrondissement.


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