Johnny Depp Thought Amber Heard Was ‘Too Good To Be True’ When They Started Dating

Combine that aspect with the timing of the #MeToo reckoning and it’s easy to understand why fans were upset. Plus, Depp’s on-screen time was so short that it could have been extremely easy to re-cast the part entirely. Rowling admitted she and Beasts director David Yates “considered the possibility of recasting,” but ultimately didn’t do it.

The actress, who was linked to Tasya Van Ree at the time, later explained why she choose to publicly address her bisexuality. “It’s important for me to say that I never chose this,” she wrote. “I defended my truth and in doing so my life as a I knew it was destroyed. The vilification I have faced on social media is an amplified version of the ways in which women are re-victimised when they come forward.” Later, a libel trial is held in the United Kingdom over the British newspaper “The Sun” calling Depp a “wife-beater.” Depp sues both executive editor Dan Wootton and The Sun’s parent company News Group Newspapers.

Heard and Depp married in the following February of 2015, and soon, the marriage comes to the dust just after the anniversary. While the court granted Amber Heard’s appeal and the restraining order was issued, and the marriage was legally ended, things didn’t end there. Four years later after the court order, Johnny Depp came seeking legal action against The Sun, a British newspaper in the London court. Johnny’s side stated that the statements which the newspaper published against him were all an “elaborate hoax”. This time Depp even seemed to take the help of best-known libel barristers in the country to prove the claims put forward by the newspaper Sun were untrue. The court charged the case, and as Amber was part of this case as the news was about her and Depp, thus she had to visit the court again.

The actor, in fact, has now been married twice, and reportedly been engaged three other times. In July 2019, Depp’s legal team announced that it would subpoena James Franco after he was spotted in a 2016 surveillance video alongside Heard after she reportedly got into a fight with Depp. Depp and his legal team contested the 2020 ruling that said there was “overwhelming evidence” that he assaulted Heard. In March, Depp’s teambrought forth “fresh evidence” regarding Heard’s alleged charity donations with the divorce settlement money, claiming that she did not complete the payments. In court filings against comedian Doug Stanhope, whom Heard sued for defamation in June 2016 after he accused her of blackmailing Depp, the actress alleged that she had left her husband several times prior to filing for divorce. Less than one week after filing for divorce, Heard filed a domestic restraining order against her husband on grounds of domestic abuse charges.

Recordings played in court revealed Heard and Depp in various stages of anger

In another line, Depp sings, “If I had a dime, it wouldn’t reach your hand.” The sentiment seems to align with a suggestion from Depp’s lawyers that the legal battle was not about money and that Depp may ultimately waive the damages. “I loved him with all my heart and I tried the best I could to make a deeply broken relationship work. And I couldn’t,” the “Aquaman” star said. “I have no bad feelings or ill will towards him at all. I know that might be hard to understand, or really easy to understand if you’ve ever loved anyone — it should be really easy.”

Amber Heard says she’s settled her defamation lawsuit with Johnny Depp

When they broke up, Heard published an article in The Washington Post about being an abuse survivor, however she never named Depp directly. Depp and the Management Group settled their case in 2018, Fox News reported at the time. 2014 – Depp and Heard got engaged in January 2014, according to a report from People Magazine. The news circulated after the pair were spotted leaving a West Hollywood restaurant. Onlookers reportedly noticed Heard was wearing an engagement ring. Here’s a by-the-numbers breakdown of their court cases, relationship timeline and net worth.

Heard passionately stated that the involvement of social media throughout the trial was ‘not fair’.

After getting engaged in 2014, the couple got officially married in the month of February 2015. Looking to the reports in People magazine, the couple had two ceremonies of marrying. The first celebration happened at the Los Angeles home of Johnny Depp followed by another celebration at the private island of Johnny Depp in the Bahamas. The texts have also suggested that Elon and Ambers romance began one month after she filed for divorce back in May 2016.

Depp’s lawyer Benjamin Chew blasted Heard as a liar, saying in court that her accusations ruined Depp’s career and alienated him from producers who once favored the movie star. At one point during the proceedings, Rottenborn read out the full op-ed, and argued that it was clear that the article wasn’t meant to drudge up allegations against Depp, but to speak about an issue impacting pending legislation. Rottenborn argued that if Heard had intended to describe her relationship with Depp “believe me, the article would have looked very, very different.” Insider’s Zahra Tayeb previously reported that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and actor James Franco are among the high-profile celebrities due to testify during the case. Musk and Franco were dragged into the legal dispute after Depp accused Heard of having “two extra-marital affairs” with them while she was still with him, Insider previously reported. In 2016, Amber Heard shared a later accusing Johnny Depp of domestic violence.

And that’s a bliss, especially when the children are still young.” Depp fell in love with model Vanessa Paradis in 1998 while he was filming The Ninth Gate in France. The pair had known each other for years through mutual friends, but when they happened to cross paths in Paris, Depp said there was an instant connection when he spotted her across the room. The “Edward Scissorhands” star described his daughter as beautiful, and although he worried about her, he hadn’t expected her evolution to happen so quickly. That year, the actress surprised everyone, but her father, when she came out as sexually fluid. He’d dated numerous Hollywood stars, fought photographers, trashed hotel rooms, and struggled with alcohol addiction, but after welcoming his daughter, he was only looking for stability.

After the first, more understated nuptials, they wed again in a more extravagant setting on Depp’s private island in the Bahamas. “We’ve been together for a long time now, so it’s been a fairly organic process,” Heard tells Elle after their wedding. “I have a fiercely independent spirit.” Later in 2015, the couple are caught violating Australia’s biosecurity laws after they bring their dogs, Pistol and Boo, into the country illegally. After only 15 months of marriage, Heard filed for divorce and it was finalized in 2016. Depp agreed to pay Heard “in the region of $8 million” to settle.

As a result of this, Heard’s team is hoping for the trial to be rendered invalid so that another trial will take place. Since then, Heard was thrust back into the spotlight, with numerous articles emerging claiming she wanted a re-trial. After the world heard the final arguments from both sides, the jury was in charge of weighing up the truth. Depp then further detailed the effect that the allegations had on his children.

Described by the court as the “defecation incident” Depp went on to say the shituation, in particular, felt like a “fitting end” to the relationship. It’s full of betrayal.” In what quickly becomes a legendary profile, Rolling Stone publishes Stephen Rodrick’s profile of Depp. Reported exclusively by TMZ, Heard is granted a restraining order against Johnny Depp after she appears in court. During this process, Heard submitted photos, which TMZ obtained, of Heard with a bruise from the May 21 fight.

When these arguments would start, Depp said he would try to extricate himself from the situation, sometimes locking himself in the bathroom just to get away from Heard. Rottenborn continued that this lawsuit is centered around the question of whether Heard was exercising her First Amendment right to Free Speech by writing an op-ed for the Washington Post about her experience with domestic violence. Heard wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post in which she spoke about the treatment of women in domestic abuse cases.

The latest update on the case came forward in March 2021, when the London Court of Appeals denied Depp’s proposal to appeal against the ruling for the second time. The court also revealed that Amber Heard lied about donating her $7 million divorce settlement. “I became a public figure representing domestic abuse, and I felt the full force of our culture’s wrath for women who speak out,” the actress wrote. Johnny and Amber eventually tied the knot in a civil ceremony in February 2015, but the wedded bliss didn’t last long and it ended as messy as how it started. The “Aquaman” actress filed for divorce in May 2016 which was finalized in January 2017, but the exes were entangled in a long legal battle that culminated in a widely-publicized defamation trial in 2022. Depp sued his former wife for defamation over her 2018 Washington Post op-ed titled “I spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath” in March 2019, requesting punitive and compensatory damages in the amount of $50 million.


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